Code of Ethics

All AtlasPROfilax® professionals have been trained by the AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland  and are members of the International Association of Qualified Atlasprofs® (IAQA) based in Switzerland and sub-associations in several countries.

Professionals trained in the AtlasPROfilax® method must strictly comply with the guidelines and regulations outlined in the Code of Ethics & Regulation of the IAQA.

This code of ethics is governing the proper practice of the therapy and the profession.

We highlight the following points:

  • Respectful treatment and care of the patient.
  • The Atlasprofs must respect the fee of the AtlasPORfilax treatment in each country and can not increase or decrease the defined rates.
  • The AtlasPROfilax application is not an alternative to a medical treatment or diagnosis. Atlasprofs do not diagnose or prescribe medical or psychological conditions nor claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions. No diseases, no symptoms of disease, no disorders and no sickness are treated. 
  • We respect other therapies: the AtlasPROfilax therapy is not opposed to any other treatments nor competes with other manual therapies. Respecting other practitioners of manual therapies such as chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy, among many others, is one of our mottos. We recommend these therapies to most of our patients. 
  • Objectivity and common sense: Human health is the result of an accumulation of many factors. AtlasPROfilax® is a revolutionary and natural technique that can have dramatic results in many cases. However, it is our duty not to encourage or make healing promises of any kind. Individual habits and lifestyle of each patient, and limiting factors such as overweight, genetics, age, background or past traumatic surgery limits the effects of our treatment.