The AtlasPROfilax® Method


After many years of study, Rene-Claudius Schumperli made the discovery that in the vast majority of people the first cervical vertebra, atlas, has a greater or lesser degree of rotation with respect to its natural joint, resulting in the condylar compression syndrome.  He developed a revolutionary method - AtlasPROfilax - that successfully repositions the atlas vertebra in only one session.  This AtlasPROfilax application does not pose any health risk because the mechanical vibration is tailored to each patient depending on his or her age, height, weight and health. The essential difference between AtlasPROfilax and other techniques for correcting the atlas relies on the condylar decompression generated through muscle and ligament release in the cervical region.

The AtlasPROfilax application can only be practiced by an AtlasPROfilax specialist who has been trained and certified by the AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland® - SA CH-3960 Sierre.


The Atlasprofilax method releases existing tensions  of the short neck muscles with a specific massage allowing the atlas to move back into its anatomical position. AtlasPROfilax is a safe, effective, one-time treatment and does not pose any health risk. 


Many children have been treated for prevention. 

Possible Reactions

The reactions of the self-healing process may be noticeable and in some cases even painful. They may appear the same day, weeks, or even months after the treatment. Typically the return to health happens quite quickly but in others, patience will be necessary. All changes can be very profound in the effects they may have in your life; physical, emotional and mental.

Regarding expected results, a study in Columbia and Ecuador found that 80% of clients report significant improvements from the very first and only session, while 15% of clients experience a healing crisis and 5% of clients do not report significant improvements.


The AtlasPROfilax application is not an alternative to a medical treatment or diagnosis. You must not interrupt or stop any ongoing medical treatments and any necessary treatments must not be postponed.  The AtlasPROfilax method is neither a diagnostic method nor a medical therapy. No diseases, no symptoms of disease, no disorders and no sickness are treated.

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