Video Testimonials

Doctor and her client talk about their experiences

Dr Nancy Grubb from Ohio always tries news treatments and therapies before she recommends them to her patients. She didn't expect the results she had herself after the atlas realignment. One of her patients talks about the major improvements that she experienced. 

Best testimonials from 2015

Doctors (and one actor) share their positive experience and recovery from pain after receiving the AtlasPROfilax treatment.

Severe consequences of whiplash: Dramatic improvement!

Anthony was in a bad car accident 4 years ago and suffered from a lot of pain since then: headaches every day, chest pain, low back .problems, tight neck, dizziness. Six weeks after atlas correction: his life turned around: hardly any headaches, breathing better, walking and standing straighter

Testimonial one day after atlas correction - breathing easier, jaw feels better

Testimonial one day after atlas correction - breathing easier, jaw feels better

Long term improvements (with headaches and neck pain )

"It's the best thing that happened to me." Robin, a narrator, actress, singer, and dancer ( shares her long term improvements and insights on her follow up appointment, several months after the treatment. The treatment made a difference also for her job.

Freed from neck-aches and headaches

Before atlas correction: constant neck-aches, headaches and felt dizzy for a year, problems running, one leg was shorter. Two month after atlas correction: no more pain, headaches, no more dizziness, runs better, sleeps better.

Improvement in brain fog and head pressure

Testimonial 2 weeks after atlas correction.

Before: extreme brain-fog for 20 years, back aches, pressure in head, severe mercury toxicity, one leg 1" shorter.

Changes noticed: much less brain fog, more lymphatic drainage, less pressure in head, walking straighter

Improvement with 5 herniated discs

AtlasPROfilax testimonial two weeks after atlas correction. Neck injury in 2009 with 5 herniated discs, symptoms numbness of hands and feet, broken shoulder. After atlas correction: breathing easier, thinking clearer, restful sleep, can workout now, straighter and her life quality has increased a lot.